How to Look Presentable Even When You Have a Zit

Is it possible to look presentable when you have a zit? What about a lot of zits? If you’re fighting ongoing acne, then these are questions that you probably consider on a regular basis.

It’s true that you usually can’t completely hide the fact that you’ve got an acne flare-up. And even if you’ve resigned yourself to that in your everyday life, it can add a new level of stress if you’re trying to look nice for a date, a job interview, a presentation at work, or whatever else.

So how can you look presentable even with those zits? Here are few tips:

Dress for the occasion

Even if your skin is trying to rebel against your control right now, you still have control over every other aspect of your behavior and appearance. Make sure everything else is in order about your presentation:

  • Nice clothes (nice for whatever the occasion is, like job interview, hot date, etc)
  • Hair, accessories, and makeup (if appropriate) are also presentable, nice, and appropriate for the situation
  • Be yourself. Behave as if you would if you didn’t have that big zit. You are not your acne, so don’t let it control your actions and attitude. Which leads into the next point…

Act confident

Our body language and voice are just as important to communication and interaction as our face and facial expressions. Like the previous point said, you are not your acne. If you’re acting confident on your job interview, or having fun on your date, then that’s what other people will notice and remember. If you’re still struggling with your self-confidence because of acne, then check out this post.


Really, this should be point number one. A smile is a universal thing of beauty. Everyone looks better when they smile! A genuine smile not only helps to get a positive response from others, but it can boost your own confidence, too.

We hope these tips have helped you! They may seem simple – and they are! – but they’re not always easy. Your big zit or your red bumpy skin may be all you can see right now. But you are more than your acne, so present yourself that way.

Smile from the heart, act confident, dress well, and that is what will make an impression on everyone you meet.

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