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If you’ve struggled with acne and its resulting scarring, then you might have heard of the Derma Roller treatment. But if you haven’t, we’re here to introduce it to you: the Derma Roller is a type of microneedling, which is just what it sounds like – the use of tiny needles on the skin.

This may sound painful, but most users report very little pain. And using tiny needles on your skin occasionally is probably less painful than the serious acne and then having to live with the resulting scars.

First – let’s talk about your scars

There are several different types of scars that a severe acne breakout can leave behind. Some people suffer major scarring, while others come through with little or no scarring. Scarring is primarily caused by each individual person’s response to inflammation – which is basically what acne is. [1]

Okay, so if you’re one of the ones whose body didn’t deal with the inflammation so well, you might be left with scars – mild and shallow ones, or deep pitted ones called ice pick scars.

Ice pick scars are “no bueno” (that’s Spanish for “no good”) and can leave most people feeling pretty hopeless. How does one get rid of them?

Well, while some may tell you it’s not possible, we’re here to give you a bit of hope and say that we disagree.

Now, let’s talk about the Dermaroller and what it does

The tiny needles stimulate the individual skin cells. This stimulation improves blood flow, which promotes collagen and elastin formation. Collagen and elastin are vital to giving skin a smooth, supple appearance, as well as for your skin’s overall health. [2]

Most commercially-available dermarollers have needles ranging from .5 mm to 1.5 mm. Anything with a longer needle than 1.5mm is usually found only in a professional’s office. So even for those deep ice pick scars, if you’re going to go the self-treatment route, stick with a dermaroller with needles less than 2mm long, just to be safe.

Dermarollers are safe to use. Unlike some other treatments for scars (like chemical peels or laser treatments), the dermaroller will not leave your skin inflamed and sore for days afterwards. Usually any redness fades within hours or sometimes even minutes after use. [3]

Derma Roller – How to Use it

Microneedling can be done by your dermatologist, or you can by a kit for at-home treatment. As stated before, make sure you buy one with needles less than 2mm long. If you’re a little nervous about trying this new treatment, or your skin is sensitive, start with the smallest length of needle available. You can always work your way up to a slightly longer needle later on if you want to.

If you’re concerned about picking the best brand of dermaroller, do some research online first and read some reviews. Basically, the more needles it has, the better, but again, read some reviews of the individual roller you’re looking for. As with most things, quality trumps size or quantity, so make sure you’re buying a well-constructed product.

Before using the dermaroller, make sure your skin is clean and free from acne (using the dermaroller on top of your acne will make it worse, not to mention it’s quite painful). Stretch your skin taut (to give the needles the best reach to deeper layers of your skin) and roll the roller across your skin. Treat your skin with a moisturizer or calming cream afterwards.

This is not a product to use every day, or even every week. It’s recommended that the longer the needles, the less frequently you should use it. In some doctor’s offices, treatments are given once a month. Remember – it took a while for your scars to form, and you might have had them for years. As much as you’d like for them to be gone yesterday, effective treatments can take time.

Many people have found dermarollers to be an effective – and inexpensive – treatment for their acne scars. Keep in mind that those deep ice pick scars don’t always respond quite as well or as quickly as shallower scars do. [4] But even so, if you’ve struggled with other treatments, the dermaroller is a safe and inexpensive option to try.

Have you used a Derma Roller before? Did it help with your scars? Do you have any other tips for treating those deep ice pick scars? Please share in the comments!



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